Convenient Free Warehousing Service


Convenient Storage Solution

Hangzhou Meilan has a 5,000㎡ warehouse where we can store bulk orders for our long-term clients who have stable cooperation with us. The warehouse service we offer is suitable for businesses with an online store but lacks any storage facilities. We can offer free storage for high-grade bathroom furniture ordered by these clients.

Flexible Shipping Method

With your bulk order of bathroom vanities and mirrors stored in our warehouse, we offer a flexible shipping plan for your goods. Hangzhou Meilan understands that our clients do not need to have every piece of furniture they ordered delivered all at once. You can arrange to have a set number of your goods delivered by schedule, helping you avoid inventory pressure.

Fast and Flexible Shipment of Your Bathroom Vanities

Hangzhou Meilan connections with reliable logistic companies take around 25 days for us to ship a 1x40HQ container worth of goods. Hangzhou Meilan can also adjust the shipment arrangement to suit specific design complex and peak periods.

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