Cabinet Material

Choose from a wide variety of wood materials for the cabinet portion of your vanities, allowing you to create a strong basis for a specific budget and durability requirements.

Countertop Material

Hangzhou Meilan vanities come with different countertops that add a unique and luxurious flair to your customized bathroom vanity. From marble to quartz, you can find one that resonates with your target audience.

Mirrors Size

Hangzhou Meilan lets you find the right vanity mirror for various projects through our custom mirror sizes. The mirrors we offer comes in 24“x32″, 48″x32″, 60″x32″, and 72″x34″.


Stylish Mirrors Shapes

Add a unique spin to your vanity by incorporating unique shapes into your Mirrors. Choose from traditional shapes such as rectangle, round, or oval Mirrors as well as customized shapes.

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